Rockcliffe Village Foundation grants

The Village Foundation encourages and financially supports community initiatives in three key areas:
·      conservation of the environment
·      preservation of the heritage character of the village
·      promotion of a sense of community for all residents.
The Foundation accepts requests for grants from registered charities, or groups that have made links with registered charities or organizations that can issue suitable receipts (including the City of Ottawa and the city school boards). If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact the Foundation directly.
Proposals should demonstrate community support and good value for money.
Applicants should, ideally, have a demonstrated track record of project completion and financial management. Projects should take place in, or create value for, Rockcliffe Park residents and proposals should include a communication or outreach plan.
If you have a proposal that you believe meets these criteria, we would love to hear from you. The first step is to contact us with a very short project outline. If approved, you will then be asked to complete a more detailed application form.
For further details on what we have funded in the past see here.