Friends of the Village of Rockcliffe Park Foundation

The "Friends of the Village of Rockcliffe Park Foundation," (The Village Foundation), is a registered charity which was established in 1996 when the Village of Rockcliffe was amalgamated with the City of Ottawa.  The Foundation safeguards and manages an endowment fund, encourages residents to build the endowment, and provides grants for programs and services to benefit the community.  Its mandate areas are:  


Conservation of the Environment

Rockcliffe Park’s green space, tree canopy and water bodies are defining features of our community and need to be protected and conserved.


Preservation of the Heritage Character of the Village

Rockcliffe Park's designation as a Heritage Conservation District will be supported and protected from encroachment that could undermine this designation.


Promotion of a Sense of Community

The Village Foundation supports developing a keen community awareness and understanding of the nature and uniqueness of the village and a vibrant and sustained recreational and interests program that appeals to residents of all ages.


The Village Foundation works primarily with the Rockcliffe Park Residents Association (RPRA),, which plans and implements projects and activities to make our community one we are all proud to call home.